The Biggest Buck and an Injured Bald Eagle

Dorothy Brown is a native of eastern Pennsylvania, currently a resident of the Birmingham neighborhood in Cotter at Barclay Friends.  But she’s known for at least two extraordinary experiences in the forests of The Pine Tree State of Maine.

Dorothy’s husband was an avid hunter and she used to accompany him on hunting trips to an old farm that was in their family in the state of Maine.  After sitting out one hunting expedition, Dorothy informed her husband that she was not satisfied just to sit in the hunting cabin and wished to try her luck at deer hunting.

It turned out that her skill was even more impressive than her luck.  She was the first woman ever to shoot the largest white Tail Deer Buck in the state in any given year.  It is a story she revels in telling.  But just when you think you’ve heard it all, Dorothy remembers a walk she and her husband took along a creek bed one fine spring day.

They heard some shrieking and thrashing about near a bend in the creek and went to investigate.  It seems the source of the commotion was a bald eagle that had been injured in some way and was unable to fly.  Blissfully unaware of the 1940 law known as The Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, they threw a coat over the struggling raptor and proceeded to take it to the local game warden.

dorothy brown headshot

Fortunately, the game warden understood that the Brown’s intent was to rescue rather than harm the magnificent bird, so he didn’t press a case for the $100,000 fine the law imposed on those who capture an eagle in the United States.  That law is still in effect and hopefully other game wardens are as wise as the one who congratulated, rather than arrested, Dorothy and her husband.