When It Comes to Health, Laughter is No Joking Matter

Black businessman laughing outdoors Guy walks into a bar… That line starts many a joke, but there’s no funny business about the value of laughter. Beginning in the 1960s, multiple…

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Senior Living Provides Support to Adult Children

There is perhaps no stronger bond than the one between a parent and a child. In a healthy relationship, a parent lovingly tends to the needs of their child from…

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Healthy Lifestyle Choices Bring Decline in Dementia

There is very good news coming out of a major study of over 60,000 people by the Harvard School of Public Health. Dementia has been declining by a rate of…

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elderly woman in danger of hazard wet floor

Home Hazards: Keeping Loved Ones with Dementia Safe

Home is where the heart is. It’s also where multiple dangers for seniors exist. For older adults with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia, those risks are even greater, as…

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senior with dementia going to bed for sleep

Waking Up to the Link Between Sleep and Dementia

“Sleeping like a baby” is the gold standard in slumber, and for good reason. As we age, getting the recommended 7 or more hours of sleep per night becomes increasingly…

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sketch of woman with vegetables on brain

Feeding the Mind: Good Brain Food for a Healthy Senior

Our brain is the engine that controls everything we do, think, say, feel, both consciously and unconsciously. Yet, it is still an organ in our body like any other. As…

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How to Talk to Your Elderly Parents About Money

An old adage advises that we should never discuss politics, sex, religion or money. Nowadays, these topics are featured in the mainstream ad nauseum (including sex here in this blog).…

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progression of elder care options

Making Sense of Different Elder Care Options

Elder care models for older adults vary quite a bit. Most people tend to lump them all into one often misunderstood term: “nursing home.” Indeed, discerning and understanding the different…

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High angle top view of dreamy, couple in pajama, sleep, wear, sl

You’re Never Too Old for Good Sex

“We do it every night,” teases an elderly couple in a current TV ad. They are referring to the dishwasher pods they use nightly, but viewers are led to believe…

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