Asking More Questions When Comparing Senior Communities - Part II

In a previous blog, we introduced the importance of asking the right questions when comparing and, ultimately, choosing a senior community for oneself or a loved one. Many times, the…

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Happy mature older woman video calling on laptop working from home.

Asking the Right Questions When Comparing Senior Communities - Part I

As you prepare for retirement living and assess different communities, understanding the essential qualities of a senior living community is crucial to discovering a residence you will consider your home.…

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season affective disorder senior man in winter weather

Shedding Light on Seasonal Affective Disorder

New beginnings! New You! As you engage in festive shopping, listen to holiday music, and celebrate the joys of the season, take a minute to show kindness to those who…

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Happy senior couple celebrating with a toast with wine on video call to celebrate christmas or birthday during coronavirus outbreak - Tecnology and family party concept - Focus on gift

Bringing Cheer to Seniors This Holiday Season

For some, the holiday season can be less than merry and bright. While advertisements, light displays, music, catalogs and countless other media tell us it’s “the most wonderful time of…

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Holiday Gatherings Offer a Closer Look at Older Loved Ones’ Needs

Nearly 113 million people in the U.S. are expected to travel over the next several weeks to spend time with loved ones. Indeed, getting together with family is the best…

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Why Halloween is Scary Good Fun for All Ages

Americans spent $10.6 billion on Halloween last year. With the pandemic largely behind us, that figure is likely to rise even higher this year. Why is Halloween such a big…

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Illustration of doctor examining difference between a senior moment and dementia

Senior Moments or Dementia?

How to Tell the Difference Between a Senior Moment and Dementia The recent controversy over a new Alzheimer’s drug called Aduhelm raises again the question of what is age-appropriate forgetfulness…

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Senior wear hat for sun protection

Senior Fun in the Sun: Simple Tips for Maximum Protection

The physical and emotional benefits of being outside are undeniable, especially for older adults, and summertime offers ample hours and opportunities to soak up the sun and fun. Seniors Are…

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Helping Seniors Out of Social Isolation

An important new study linking social isolation with dementia in older adults gives us yet one more reason to consider the incalculable benefits of social activity and human connections as…

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