Barclay Friends’ mission is to provide a continuum of services to older adults, with a focus on compassion and kindness, excellence, and continuous improvement.

We envision Barclay Friends as a premier advocate, initiator, and facilitator of services for older adults. Through an integrated continuum of care and services, and in partnership with our community, we will ensure services that enhance the quality of life.

Values and Practices that Guide Barclay Friends Community

The Barclay Friends community is guided by a set of values that draw from the Quaker origin and heritage. The values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship are often abbreviated as the acronym “SPICES”. All staff learn the SPICES and try to incorporate these values into their everyday practices.  

The SPICES are lived in the following ways: 

Simplicity:  We offer a homelike space designed with access to the natural world and featuring simple beauty.

Peace: We try always to resolve differences without resorting to violent words or actions.

Integrity:  We are honest in our interactions with residents, co-workers, families, and business partners.

Community:   We cherish the teamwork, unity, and spirit of vitality that pervades everything we do.

Equality:  We acknowledge that every person has value and brings a richness to our interactions with one another. 

Stewardship:  We are mindful in our use of our resources, including the funds entrusted to us, the buildings and equipment in our care, and the environment around us.