Social Impact

Commitment to the Greater Community

As a Kendal Affiliate, Barclay Friends commitment to community benefit goes beyond random acts of kindness. For Kendal, community benefit is about social responsibility and impact – an intentional identification of goals, objectives, resources, and strategies to address community needs in collaboration with organizations, community members, and agencies to achieve shared goals relating to issues in the aging process.

We accomplish this through staff and resident engagement in varied and wide-ranging activities that give back to the greater community outside their four-walls by sharing time through volunteerism, expertise through educational programs, and resources through fiscal and facilities contributions.

Barclay Friends Gives back to SPCA

Barclay Friends has always maintained a great relationship with the Brandywine Valley SPCA. When a hurricane drove over 200 animals from their Carolina shelters and up to Pennsylvania, we knew we had to give back.