Matt Jones Gives a Presentation to Coatesville High-schoolers

Not too long ago, Matt J. gave a presentation to Coatesville High schoolers. Matt, Barclay Friends Registered Dietitian, had the opportunity to speak at a student career-focused after-school group at Coatesville Senior Area High School. This group was comprised of 12 students. During the session, Matt shared experiences and insights into the role and responsibilities of a registered dietitian, including the educational path required to become one, the diverse career opportunities available in the field, and the importance of nutrition in promoting overall health and well-being. Students engaged in interactive discussions, real-life examples, and participated in “Create your own Trail Mix”.

“By sharing my personal journey, challenges, and successes in this rewarding profession, my goals are to instill in students a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm for the field of dietetics and to leave them feeling inspired, informed, and motivated to pursue their dreams with confidence and determination.”