Pathways Memory Support Program

Individuals with mild memory loss can get extra support in managing the day-to-day aspects of life.  The Pathways program offers reminders and escort to meals and programs, and a little extra support to assure a safe and comfortable environment. 

Request an appointment with the Preston Sales Counselor to find out more about this special program.

Pathways residents live in one of Preston’s well-appointed personal care apartments, with access to all the amenities such as the art and gardening room, library, fitness room, hair salon and award-winning Rehabilitation Therapies. Studio and one-bedroom apartments are available. Residents in this program receive extra care from resident assistants including reminders, cuing, and added supervision. They are invited, reminded, and escorted to activities that fit their needs and interests.  In addition, they receive reminders and are escorted to meals in the Preston dining room.

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Most importantly, the Pathways Program is offered in a home-like environment where meeting the individual needs of each resident is central to our philosophy of care and service. 

Each resident in the Pathways program receives the following supportive services:

  • A personalized daily agenda designed to reflect their interests. 
  • Reminders and escort to all events, meals and appointments.  
  • An orientation clock to remind the resident of the week, date, and time.
  • Small group programs to keep residents engaged, reduce anxiety, improve sense of well-being, and potentially prevent falls at this time of day. 
  • Evaluation of each resident’s living space by a certified dementia practitioner.
  • Occupational Therapy for screening and provision of therapy services.
  • A Wanderguard bracelet or pendant for residents who may be unsafe if they attempt to exit the building. 
  • Management and administration of medications.
  • Periodic updates to family members. 

Extra support can make all the difference for those with mild memory loss

Request an appointment with the Preston Sales Counselor to find out more about this special program