Seeing Red for Women’s Heart Health

February is a month when we see a lot of the color red around. Valentine’s Day is the main reason, of course, but there is another reason — it’s Women’s Heart Health month.

Why is heart health such an important issue for women?

Heart disease is the number one killer of women and many women do not know that fact. Many people think heart disease is a problem affecting mainly men, but heart disease kills more women than men each year.

What can I do to keep my heart healthy?

Making an effort to stay active is a great place to start! There are a group of women at Barclay Friends who go out for a walk together at lunch time. They are logging their miles and have a contest to get to Anaheim, California for the Star Wars Convention (3,000 miles) by spring. While none of them are really going to California, they are having fun watching the miles add up and getting fit in the process.

Second, eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean meats, and nuts. Skip the burger and fries and eat a tuna or turkey sandwich on whole wheat for lunch.

Third, talk to your doctor about steps to control your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar. These are the so-called “silent killers.” You may feel just fine, but if these are abnormal, you may be on your way to heart attack without knowing it. Finally, stop smoking. While many people know that smoking causes lung disease, you may not know that it also causes heart disease.

Wear red this month to remind people to take care of their “ticker”. It’s only if we are healthy, that we can take care of our loved ones, our residents, and ourselves.

Visit Go Red for Women to learn more about women’s heart health.