Preston Building Update: November 2019

Below is an excerpt from the November 2019 issue from Warfel’s monthly newsletter::

“With winter just around the corner, the new Preston building is closer to being fully enclosed. Currently, the building has a complete roof, with shingle work starting last week. Interior drywall has begun on the first floor of Area A, following the completion of all mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems in this area. Currently, the HVAC units are being installed on the roof of the building. Interior framing and ceilings have begun on the second level of Area A, with full interior framing completion expected shortly. All MEP trades are working steadily on the first floor of Area B as framing in the building’s interior nears completion. Windows are currently being installed on the second floor of Area B, and have been successfully completed in Area A. Siding in Area A is beginning, including stone and brick veneer. Air and vapor barrier spray on the rest of the building will conclude shortly.”