Below is an excerpt from the February 2020 issue from Warfel’s monthly newsletter:

The new Preston Building is currently in the finishing stages of drywall in Area C, which will complete drywall throughout the entire building. Currently, our team is placing cabinetry for the residential kitchenettes and bathrooms on all three levels of the building, and are working on the Cotter tie-in entrances. On the lower level, ceiling grid is being finished in all rooms and common spaces. All sprinkler heads, light fixtures and duct work is currently being mounted to the ceiling grid in preparation for ceilings to be hung. On the first floor, cabinetry, toilet fixtures and tile are complete in all the residential units. Tile and cabinetry are ongoing in the common spaces for the first floor. The second floor is fully painted in both the residential units and the common spaces. All residential units are continuing with cabinetry while bathroom tile is being installed.

On the first floor of the middle section of the building, painting in the common areas and the residential units is ongoing, with the tile installer following behind in
the residential bathrooms. All HVAC units in the residential rooms on the first and second floors are installed and completely drywalled. In addition, all the soffits on the first and second floors are framed and drywalled.

On the Ashbridge side of the building, all the resident rooms are currently insulated and drywalled with ceiling grid to begin in these rooms shortly. The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems (MEPs) and all the HVAC units are near completion. The rear service corridor is currently fully framed with sheathing being placed in preparation for siding to begin shortly.

Looking to the exterior of the building, brick veneer is complete with siding and stone veneer commencing in the coming weeks. Exterior site work is ongoing, with the retaining wall by the Cotter tie-in entrance being dug out with concrete footers to follow behind.