Mindfulness Meditation

Social Services Director Kim Coder has been leading monthly guided mindfulness meditation groups with residents that include body scans – a way to get more in touch with your body – and a focus on deep breathing.  Most recently, she used guided imagery – such as a walk on the beach – and sensory components like ocean sounds, candles and sea shells, to stimulate one’s sense of touch.  Peter and Ellen (pictured) have both attended Kim’s sessions.

We are excited to announce that on October 31st, Kim spoke at the annual meeting of LeadingAge® as part of a presentation entitled “The Art of Mindfulness: Cultivating Wellbeing” alongside Laura Peters, Human Resources Development and Learning Manager at Kendal at Ithaca, and Lucia McBee from the Continuum Center for Health and Healing in New York.  Conference attendees gained an understanding of the benefits of mindfulness practice for older adults, caregivers and staff; see how mindfulness skills empower staff and informal caregivers to draw on lifelong inner resources to promote well-being; and hear organizations’ experiences with mindfulness classes and the wellness outcomes they have seen as a result.  LeadingAge® is an organization of 6,000+ members and partners, including nonprofit care organizations such as Barclay Friends, businesses, foundations, and researchers that work to expand the world of possibilities for aging.  Kim has been with the Social Services Department at Barclay Friends for almost five years.