Barclay Friends...Where We Celebrate the Arts and Gardens

Former family member Betty Strode spent the evening with her niece, Elizabeth Guman, Vice-Chair of the Barclay Friends Board.

In the natural serenity of Anne’s Garden, residents, family members, and supporters of Barclay Friends came together for the annual Garden Party, now enjoying its 17th year.  Attendees dined on savory hors d’oeuvres and delectable desserts made by the Barclay Friends Dining Services team.  Despite the hot weather, guests were able to cool off with special brews handcrafted and donated by Mike Bury, Grand Master I, BJCP judge.

This event, held annually the night preceding the Secret Gardens tour, provides an opportunity for Barclay Friends to thank supporters, families and friends, and to highlight the importance of our horticultural therapy program.

Garden owner Linda Landenberg welcomes tour-goers into her sun-filled backyard retreat.
A whimsical, tiled fountain peeks out from behind a wall of ivy in Linda’s garden.

Engaging a new neighborhood in the South Walnut Street area of the borough of West Chester provided excitement for our 12th Annual Secret Gardens event.  Over 300 gardening enthusiasts and supporters of Barclay Friends attended.  The $14,000 raised goes directly to residents’ horticultural therapy activities.  The dedication of our sponsors, volunteers, and garden owners, who graciously open their gardens to the greater community, made this fantastic tour possible.


“[T]he challenge for any organization is to adapt, change, and adjust to new realities, and to the needs, tastes and desires, of those it serves.  Barclay Friends has just concluded one of those periodic organizational renewals with the successful conclusion of the Spirit of Vitality campaign.  It has brought about significant physical changes ranging from resident rooms to new community dining areas.  The result is evident if you walk through the communities and experience a more intimate and home-like environment.”

~Roland Woodward, former family member and former board member