Meet-and-Greet Therapy

If you are an older adult and are concerned about your elevated risk for heart disease and stroke, you should know that lowering your risk for these conditions may be easier than you ever thought. In fact, all you would have to do is get out of your house and go meet people. The simple fact is that loneliness and social isolation pose as much of a risk for heart disease as light smoking or obesity. It has long been known that loneliness is linked to a weaker immune system and high blood pressure.

With all this in mind, you have every reason to develop a strong social network as a means of maintaining your health and well-being. Maintaining existing relationships and forging new friendships may be an effective form of disease prevention. The caring staff at Barclay Friends understands the importance that social contact has on the well-being of older adults. Come socialize with others at our monthly Speakers Series – programs are offered in the afternoon and have ranged from “Behind the Scenes at Longwood Gardens” to Medicare 101.  Please contact Lauren Earle at 484-887-7933 to learn more.

With Faith Woodward, Director of Admissions and Marketing