Fitting Into Your Parents' Genes

Aside from eating well, exercising regularly, and not smoking, another factor that determines whether we will age well is the influence of our parents’ lifespans. Recent research shows that those whose parents live longer are more likely to avoid certain heart problems and cancers when they reach their 60s and 70s. Children of long-lived parents are more likely to inherit genes that provide protection against high blood pressure, high body mass index (BMI), type-1 diabetes, and other health conditions. In fact, research shows that for every decade that at least one parent lived beyond the age of 70, their offspring’s risk of death from heart disease was reduced by 20 percent and risk of developing cancer was 7 percent lower.

By the year 2060, the number of U.S. citizens living to age 65 and older is projected to be around 98 million. Older adults are living longer lives, and the amount of care and attention that individuals require can differ greatly. The caring staff at Barclay Friends understands that older adults’ needs can change – even overnight – and is here to provide whatever care is required to help older adults maintain the best quality of life possible.

With Faith Woodward, Director of Admissions and Marketing