"I Did Not Throw Away My SHOT!"

Barclay Friends nurse receiving shot

Barclay Friends Residents, Staff Vaccinated to the Strains of Hamilton

The movie version of the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” was playing all day long Wednesday, Jan. 6, at Barclay Friends in the William Penn Room, which was temporarily transformed into a CVS vaccine clinic room for the day. The opening act of the hit musical has Alexander Hamilton singing, “I am not throwing away my shot!”

“In the days leading up to our first vaccine clinic, several staff members were singing this song as a kind of pre-vaccine theme song,” said Barclay Friends Executive Director Linda Sterthous. “Luke Dorey, our Director of Facilities and the chair of our COVID Task Force, arranged for the showing as a surprise and treat to those waiting for their shot and those waiting the required 15 minutes after receiving the shot.”

The first shot was given to nurse Betsy Call, a 22-year employee of Barclay Friends. She gave the thumbs up sign as coworkers cheered and clapped. The final shot of the day was given to CNA Penny Boggs, a 43-year employee and the current longest-serving member of Barclay Friends’ staff. In between Betsy and Penny, 91 other staff, three vendors, two medical consultants and nine volunteers were given a shot.

Another roving team from CVS traveled room-to-room to vaccinate residents. A total of 69 residents were vaccinated, including resident Frank Llevat, who was willing to be our resident “poster man.” He gave a winning smile as he received his shot.

BF resident receives vaccine
Frank Llevat receives the vaccine

The CVS vaccine team will return two more times to provide the required second dose and to give an opportunity for more staff and residents to be vaccinated.

“It was a joyous day for all concerned,” Linda said.

COVID-19 Precautions at Barclay Friends

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