Hats Off to Barclay Friends Residents

Barclay Friends recreation team dreamed up some fun for residents and staff to unleash their creative talents on a hat-decorating project, and these dressed up hats did not disappoint!

Resident Monty G. loves doing art projects and completed her hat (pictured here). She also graciously offered to make a hat for fellow resident Marianne M. to help her Irish-themed hat come to life.

They could not meet in person because, during the pandemic, residents cannot travel from one neighborhood to another. Undeterred by pandemic restrictions, the recreation team helped the two ladies connect virtually — through facetime.  Monty worked on the hat with Marianne’s input.  “I thought it was neat that I could help her. I actually think it’s better than the one I made for myself,” says Monty with a chuckle.

Resident wearing hat
Resident wearing hat 2

Turned out, they each have much in common and a friendship has begun. The ladies both look forward to the day they can visit each other in person.

Staff also got into the action and decorated hats.  A total of 33 decorated hats filled the Cotter hallway and residents and staff were able to vote on the top three resident hats and the top three staff hats.  Winners took home a small trophy and most importantly – bragging rights!