Flood of Donations Pours in to Aid Displaced Barclay Friends Residents

The generosity of citizens in West Chester and surrounding communities nearly overwhelmed volunteers Sunday who gathered at Good Will Fire Company. Trucks2, a volunteer group that collects and delivers items in times of need, organized the event, while Good Will provided the space. We also owe a special ‘thank-you’ to Good Will Fire Company President Ted Hartz.

“WOW! What a day! Your generosity and the sheer volume of donations spilled over into the parking lot and eventually to a warehouse!” Trucks2, the fire company’s volunteer disaster relief brigade exclaimed on their Facebook page.

A score of Barclay Friends staff members joined in to help sort donations including clothing, slippers, shoes, pillows, blankets, towels, toiletries, walkers and reading glasses. The outpouring of generosity of items need by displaced residents far exceeded expectations.

“We can’t begin to express the depth of our gratitude for the incredible outpouring of support that’s come to Barclay Friends residents in the wake of Thursday’s night tragic fire,” said Linda M. Sterthous, Executive Director. “We want to thank the hundreds of good neighbors who have contributed time, possessions and funds to help Barclay Friends residents recover from this disaster.”

Family members of Barclay Friends residents were invited to come to the Good Will Fire Company on both Sunday and Monday to pick up clothing and other supplies needed for their loved ones.