A Real Game Changer

The next time you see your grandchildren playing video games, you might want to take a seat next to them on the couch. It turns out that playing 3-D video games, in particular, stimulates the brain in ways that improve memory and thinking ability. In fact, recent research shows that playing video games for 30 minutes daily for two weeks improved the memory performance of older players by 12 percent. It was found that the three-dimensional games were particularly helpful in activating older adults’ visual, spatial, attentional, motivational, and emotional processes. Playing video games can also help you with critical thinking, problem solving, and working memory – the skills used to play video games may help you drive better, as well, by increasing your reaction time.

At Barclay Friends, our Recreation Staff utilizes Wii gaming and Linked Senior, a software program that supports wellness in older adults. Using a touchscreen kiosk, staff and residents have 24/7 access to games, brain fitness activities, videos, music, slideshows, and more. Call today at (610) 696-5211 to learn more or visit our website at http://bf.kendal.org/.

With Faith Woodward, Admissions and Marketing Director