Welcome Linda M. Sterthous

Linda Sterthous
Barclay Friends Executive Director Linda M. Sterthous

What a warm welcome I have received during my first couple of months at Barclay Friends! Since I arrived in July, I’ve been spending time in the Woolman and Cotter neighborhoods saying hello to staff, residents and family members and learning about their hopes and dreams for Barclay Friends. I’ve also been meeting with board members and volunteers who have given so much of their time and talent to the community. As I talk to the various groups that make up the Barclay family, I am hearing their ideas about how Barclay Friends can be a better place for them and for the people we serve.

Even during my very short tenure here, I can see the many reasons why Barclay Friends has such a great reputation in Chester County. A dedicated and caring staff, gorgeous gardens, wonderful music and art programs and homelike living areas are just a few of the reasons Barclay is a special place.

Elizabeth Guman
Newly Instated Barclay Friends Board Chair Elizabeth Guman

We work in an interesting time, when the world of nursing homes and personal care is changing quickly, both in the types of residents we see coming through our doors and in terms of the expectations of hospitals, physicians, insurers, family members and state surveyors. I know that, together, we will be ready to face the challenges of this rapidly changing world.

Teamwork is such an important part of what we do, and the good news for me is that a strong team ethic is already deeply ingrained in Barclay Friends’ culture. I realize I have big shoes to fill, following in the footsteps of Carol Hanson, and I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this beautiful community.

As part of Carol Hanson’s retirement in June, she graciously asked that in lieu of gifts in her honor, contributions be made to the J. Carol Hanson Tribute Fund.  A total of $16,616 was raised with gifts in support of the Caring Fund as well as the Employee Emergency Assistance Fund per the wishes of some generous supporters.


“Carol, you leave us in great shape: Your legacy is here, we have a great staff and the Quaker values are ingrained in this place, thanks to you.  There are systems, processes and knowledge that you leave behind.  There is a beautiful building our residents can call home.  Another part of your legacy that I will carry with me: In committee and board meetings you would often ask, ‘Is that what’s best for Barclay Friends?’  [When I heard that question in my head,] I will pause to consider—and smile—as I think of Carol, and I will think, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.'”

—Newly Instated Board Chair Elizabeth Guman