Staff Spotlight on Donna McElwee

Donna McElwee

As the Receptionist at Barclay Friends, Donna McElwee’s duties extend well beyond welcoming visitors and transferring telephone calls.

“I help [orient] residents,” she says.  “When I first started working here, there was a female resident who came to my desk every day.  She could not speak but when you started to sing ‘God Bless America’ she sang very clearly right along with you.  I hope I impact many on a daily basis.”

Donna cares for family members in a similar fashion.  “I enjoy communicating with residents and family members.  I am here for them if they need to vent, cry, laugh or whatever their need may be, and I am happy that they know they can talk to me.”  There is not a face or a name Donna doesn’t know.

It’s now 12 years later, and Donna continues to help Barclay Friends give residents a sense of security and comfort, as well as a better quality of life.  “I truly believe that God led me here, and I thank residents for letting me work here,” she adds.  Donna notes that there is no typical day for her – every day is different, and she likes it that way.

When Donna’s not brightening faces at Barclay, she enjoys time with her two grandchildren.