Residents, Staff Support Hurricane Relief Effort

Humans may age, but the inclination to reach out and help others, especially in a time of crisis, remains strong.  Working with Recreation staff, residents of Barclay Friends Continuing Care Community demonstrated their altruism by creating and selling pins to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, and now also Irma.

Pins featured the State Seal of Texas and a red, white and blue ribbon.  Donations from staff and family members—even residents themselves—totaled $528 and were sent to the Hurricane Disaster Relief Fund recently established by LeadingAge®, a national association of nonprofit providers of services for older adults.

“As we know, disasters can strike any one of our communities,” says Executive Director Linda M. Sterthous.  “In times such as these, Barclay Friends is glad to know that our combined efforts can help benefit other nursing homes and retirement communities in Texas and Florida.”

To donate, please visit LeadingAge.