Barclay Friends Hosts Spelling Bee

The results from the biggest spelling bee of the year have been announced later than anticipated.  No, we don’t refer to the Scripps 2022 National Spelling Bee in Washington, DC over Memorial Day Weekend.  The bee in question was an in-house spelling rumble at Barclay Friends on June 29, 2022, just a couple weeks after that other bee, pitting the Preston “Old Bees but Good Bees” against the Cotter “Bee Bees”.

It was an intense and very competitive contest, with the Preston “Old Bees but Good Bees” taking the early lead over the Cotter “Bee Bees”. But nothing comes easy in the world of competitive spelling, as the Bee Bees surged to the lead at about the three-quarter mark.  But the “Old Bees but Good Bees” were not to be denied on this June day, perfect for the busy bees in the gardens, as they charged back to take the Barclay Friends Spelling Bee Championship with 8 out of 10 correct!  Congratulations to both teams pictured below for a spirited and literate contest.  The toughest word correctly spelled under intense pressure by “Old Bees but Good Bees” was Concurrence.  “Bee Bees” fought back with a correct spelling of Acquiescence.

Preston’s “Old Bees but Good Bees” are pictured below with their trophy.  Team members included (L-R) Ann M., Jeff S., Wayne C., and Gloria W.

Cotter’s Bee Bees comprised of (L-R) Frank R., Maryanne M., Pat W. and Lucia C.

Pictured behind both teams is the administrative, judging, and cheerleading team for the Spelling Bee including staff members Linda Sterthous, Cheryl Bjornson (the bee), Elsa Haile, and Donna Keiths. Volunteer Anne B brought Apollo the service dog, seen above taking a gentle nip out of Linda’s fingers!