Barclay Friends 2nd Annual Adopt-a-Highway Clean Up

On a chilly Saturday morning in November 2020, a group of staff volunteers gathered in the parking lot to set off on a mission. That mission was to find and bag as much litter as they could find along the stretch of road on Route 100, and just beyond the 322 bypass on/off ramps. Barclay Friends adopted this stretch of highway in early 2019 through the Adopt-a-Highway program sponsored by PennDOT. When the pandemic hit in March 2020, all community benefit programs came to a screeching halt. Meanwhile, the trash along this roadway kept piling up. Armed with safety vests, work gloves, trash bags (and masks), the small group of Barclay Friends staff volunteers collected 12 bags of trash including an array of car parts. It is a modest affair yet rewarding as we continue to keep the neighborhood of the West Chester Community looking great.

Thanks to our volunteers: Linda Sterthous, Mark Quinlan, Lee Ann Sullivan, Cheryl Bjornson, Laura Smith, Faith Woodward, Laura Watrous & Cathy Dugan-Tripler