Bartram Way

At Barclay Friends, we have a unique way of approaching memory care. It’s called Bartram Way. Named after 18th century Quaker botanist John Bartram, the program emphasizes warmth, creativity, and mindfulness as a way of approaching persons with dementia. This community balances the feel of home with a secure environment that does not feel restrictive. Residents will also enjoy:

  • Help with daily activities such as dressing, bathing and medication management.
  • Family-style dining to promote socialization and provide healthful choices as well as dietary options that lessen problems associated with weight loss.
  • Decorating their personal living space to make it their home.
  • Access to the outdoors and the natural world.
  • Areas to interact with familiar everyday items, such as a laundry area, office and kitchen.
  • Art, gardening and games that engage residents and honor their individual interests.
  • Music & Memory™ program offerings.
  • Freedom to explore areas inside and outside the building safely on their own.

Nothing About Me, Without Me.

Every person, no matter their state of dementia, is an individual deserving of respect and dignity. Our approach, known as “person-centered care,” tailors the program to each resident’s preferences and interests. Residents have a right to participate in decisions about their lives. Staff offer residents choice by “doing with” rather than “doing for.”

Within our secure Bartram Way neighborhood, residents have freedom in what they do, where they go and with whom they interact. A diagnosis of dementia does not define the whole person. Life can still include meaningful activities and joy.

Each Resident is a Unique Individual.

Residents receive assessment through a comprehensive tool used to determine the best level of support for each person. The assessment is done at admission and then annually. It’s also done when requested by a physician, and whenever there is a major change in the resident’s medical or psycho-social history.

Our rehabilitation staff employs occupational, physical and speech therapists. They help residents function at their highest possible level, never focusing on limitations. If we can identify the situations that can cause a resident to respond negatively, then we can address those underlying issues. These situations may be physical, emotional or spiritual. We also find creative solutions to lower barriers caused by cognitive impairment and use verbal and nonverbal techniques to enhance communication.


Supporting Friends and Family the Bartram Way.

Dementia affects the whole family. We provide education and support for the families of our residents to help them deal with the social and emotional changes they are experiencing.

We know Alzheimer’s and dementia-related illness affect caregivers as well. To support you, we regularly communicate with family members, refer them to carefully vetted outside support services, such as the Alzheimer’s Association. We also offer access to support groups and educational events and treat you as a member of the Bartram Way.

Mindfulness is a unique aspect of our program. We teach mindfulness techniques to staff and interested family members to help them appreciate each moment with their loved one.

If you are interested in joining an interest list from our memory care program, visit the Memory Care page.


Meet the Memory Coordinator

Abigail Ferris

Abby brings both the experience and the educational background to provide programming for older adults in need of memory care. She holds a Master of Science in Geropsychology (expected August 2020), and she is looking forward to supporting the needs of each individual in Bartram Way, Preston’s memory care neighborhood.

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