Healthcare that Encourages a Spirit of Vitality

As we age, all of us seek the highest quality healthcare and quality of life for ourselves and our loved ones.  Respect and dignity for older adults are the cornerstones of life at Barclay Friends.  We focus on compassionate care for mind, body, and spirit and believe that as people age, they should have as few limits and as much choice as possible in a safe, comfortable environment.  Continuous learning, joy, and fulfillment are the goals of our extensive activities and award-winning arts and horticultural therapy programs.  The Barclay Friends model promotes autonomy for each resident within the larger community.  As an affiliate of the Kendal Corporation, we focus on providing, at reasonable cost, those conditions fostering independence, health, and security under which residents may realize their fullest potential.  Above all, we seek to find and encourage each person’s spirit of vitality.