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Honoring Spirit, Humanness, and Basic Rights in the Quaker Tradition

Barclay Friends was established in 1893 to improve care of the aging in a supportive, homelike, and compassionate atmosphere.  Since then, it has become a Kendal affiliate.  Market studies have shown that Barclay Friends, combining excellent medical services with a comfortable and therapeutic environment, is consistently a top choice for long-term care in the West Chester area.  With medical science continually improving and best practices changing, Barclay Friends continues to evolve to provide ever better services and facilities to respond to community needs.  Why do we do things the way we do?  Our Quaker values help to uphold each resident’s independence and dignity, in turn honoring their spirit, humanness and basic rights, a hallmark of our care:

See Our “Values and Practices” PDF Document Here

Friends become family at Barclay Friends.  This is Wasco’s story:

CNA in nursing home


Wasco is a native of Sierra Leone and works as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at Barclay Friends.  Every day, he assists residents with daily activities they might have trouble with on their own, such as bathing.  Demonstrating a strong work ethic and devotion to residents  has endeared him to residents, families and his fellow staff.  “I imagine that any resident could be my mother or father,” he says. “That is why I chose this job.”


Barclay Friends provides a spirit of inclusion for residents and staff regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, or disability.  We support an environment that is welcoming to all cultures, backgrounds, and differences; an environment that promotes respect, acceptance, and teamwork.