Gardens Are Our Centerpiece

Horticultural therapy at Barclay Friends is focused on creating a sense of home for residents, helping them to live productive and meaningful lives, and providing a reason for each resident to feel good about himself or herself.

Activities are offered individually and in small or large group and touch upon the individual resident’s needs, whether those needs are physical, cognitive, emotional, vocational, social, or spiritual.  Activities are provided through various modalities, including floral design, indoor and outdoor gardening, and sensory stimulation.  For many residents, horticultural activities serve as a catalyst for involvement in other recreation programs.

Each of our gardens has a different purpose:

Anne's Garden at Barclay Friends

Anne’s Garden, located in Nursing Care, is specially designed to enable people with disabilities to work in and enjoy the garden.

Helen's Grove at Barclay Friends

Helen’s Grove contains “memory trees” given in honor of residents and staff.

Sidney's Garden at Barclay Friends

Sidney’s Garden creates an opportunity for Barclay Friends to partner with the Chester County Food Bank (CCFB) to donate the vegetables our community harvests.

The Star Garden at Barclay Friends

Star Garden was created to give Barclay Friends employees a garden of their own to plant fruits and vegetables.

The Worth Garden at Barclay Friends

Worth Garden is an inter-generational garden where residents and visitors of all ages can enjoy time together.