The Joint Commission Reporting Process

Joint Commission Gold SealBarclay Friends is proud to accredited by the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval™ is an internationally recognized symbol of quality.  Barclay Friends has met rigorous performance standards to obtain this distinction. Our willingness to voluntarily be measured against the highest standards of performance shows our extraordinary commitment to provide safe, high quality care for you and your loved ones:

Joint Commission Reporting Process


Barclay Friends’ Privacy Notice (HIPAA)

Barclay Friends is committed to protecting personal health information.  As an organization that will provide healthcare services to residents when needed, as well as health insurance coverage to employees, Barclay Friends has established a privacy policy regarding personal health information:

Notice of Privacy Practices


Barclay Friends’ Compliance Program and Code of Conduct

The Barclay Friends’ Compliance Program covers the compliance concerns, laws, and regulations that are relevant to a Long Term Care Community that provides a wide range of healthcare services.  This includes but is not limited to Medicare and Medicaid regulatory concerns, guidelines from the office of Inspector General, Internal Revenue, and the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Health and Human Services, as well as other regulatory and business concerns:

Code of Conduct