Physical therapist and senior leg lifts

Short Term Rehab that Utilizes a Team Approach

Barclay Friends offers short term rehab, also considered short term nursing care or post-acute care, on-site through HealthPro Heritage.  Short term rehab serves as a bridge between a hospital stay and an individual’s return to the home environment.  Normally, individuals who are admitted to the hospital for at least three nights qualify for a Medicare A-covered rehab stay at a healthcare center such as Barclay Friends.  Our licensed, certified physical, occupational and speech therapists utilize a team approach and focus on results-oriented programming to help older adults continue to enjoy active and healthy lifestyles.

Physical Therapy

Includes functional training, wellness, maintenance of good health and proper body mechanics.  Physical therapists also work with individuals to prevent loss of mobility by developing fitness and wellness-oriented lifestyles.

Occupational Therapy

Designed to increase a patient’s independence with activities of daily living (ADLs) for those who have experience a loss of ability caused by hospitalization, aging, illness injury or developmental disability.

Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-language pathologists diagnose and treat communicative disorders and evaluate individuals who experience problems eating and drinking.