The Jefferis Family

This Summer Snapshot features the Jefferis Family for their kind and generous support of Barclay Friends.  The Jefferis family is very well acquainted with Barclay Friends as their loved one, Annetta, was a resident of the community for 18 years—they spent a lot of time visiting our community and are thankful for the care Annetta received.

Brynnley’s donations

Tim, Brynnley and Annetta








Brynnley Jefferis is Annetta’s great granddaughter; she is also an eighth grade student who recently completed her capstone project to help improve the lives of seniors with dementia.  She sold 103 dozen cookies and raised $1,088 that she used to buy baby dolls, stuffed animals, puzzles and activity items for residents at Barclay Friends and another community.

Linda Sterthous, Executive Director; Brynnley and Lee Ann Sullivan, Development Director

Brynnley’s hand-sewn fidget blankets










With her mother and father’s support, she incorporated aspects of every school subject into her project, from researching items that can aid those with dementia to budgeting for baking ingredients.  With the help of her grandmother, Brynnley sewed beautiful “fidget” blankets to help occupy the hands and minds of residents with memory care issues.

Brynnley’s dad, Tim Jefferis, has generously volunteered at Barclay Friends by serving as chair of the planning committee of the annual Barclay Friends’ Golf Classic over a 12-year period.  He also graciously donated his time as a member of the Board of Directors for six years and still remains a community member of the Board’s Finance and Facilities committee.