Cultivating the Arts and Gardens

Barclay Friends fosters continuous learning through the Cultivate the Arts and Gardens program. As part of the recreation program, staff adapt activities to fit the varying physical and cognitive abilities of each resident, stimulating motivation and personal growth.  Residents are encouraged to express their creativity, spirituality, knowledge and personal opinion.  The lives of older adults become more meaningful when the staff at Barclay Friends provides them with opportunities to use their capabilities to the maximum potential.

Recreation staff members combine talents and expertise in art, horticulture and music to develop a full range of activities for residents to participate in weekly, monthly, and seasonally.  In addition, family members and friends are welcome to attend.  Programs and activities include exercise, organized card games, current events discussions, trivia, religious services, creative arts, floral arranging and holiday celebrations.  Residents enjoy seeing their artwork displayed throughout the building.

Click on the link below to see an example of our monthly calendar!

Click here to see an example of our monthly calendar!