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Memory Care

Barclay Friends has a unique way of supporting people with dementia. Its program emphasizes warmth, creativity and mindfulness in a new, state-of-the art, secure neighborhood.

The Tovertafel: Unlocking the Magic Within

Tovertafel translates to ‘Magic Table’ in Dutch, and magic is precisely what this technology embodies. This interactive experience creates lasting memories and has been shown to elevate the quality of life.

Let’s dive into the incredible benefits this interactive wonder brings to this community!

Cognitive Effects: Proven cognitive benefits in memory and long-term care. Inclusive playing experience, tailored to challenge each individual. Games stimulate active participation, enhancing cognitive engagement.

Physical Effects: Games stimulate player involvement through mesmerizing light projections. Responds to even the smallest hand movements, boosting confidence. Motivates players to keep playing and moving, promoting physical activity.

Social Effects: Promotes interaction and social contact among care professionals, residents, and visiting family members. Creates a fun and inclusive environment for shared experiences and enhances the sense of community within a care setting.

Sensory Effects: Stimulates the senses through captivating interactive images and sounds. Positive impact on mood enhancement, especially for those living with dementia. Provides a multi-sensory experience contributing to overall well-being.

A secure, memory care environment that does not feel restrictive.

Memory care is a type of long-term senior care generally for those individuals with various stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia who are in need of a secure living area. Barclay Friends’ person-centered care approach tailors programing to each resident’s preferences and interests. Residents have the right to participate in decisions about their lives. Staff offer residents choices by “doing with” rather than “doing for.”

The community balances the feel of home with a safe environment where individuals enjoy:

  • Help with daily activities such as dressing, bathing and medication management.
  • Family-style dining to promote socialization, provide healthful choices and lessen problems associated with weight loss.
  • Decorating their personal living space to make it their home.
  • Access to the outdoors and the natural world.
  • Areas to interact with familiar everyday items, such as a laundry area, office and kitchen.
  • Art, gardening and games that engage residents and honor their individual interests.
  • Freedom to explore areas inside and outside the building safely on their own.

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State-of-Art Amenities

The memory care neighborhood is located within Barclay Friends’ Preston building and includes twenty private apartments. Its layout affords residents opportunities to enjoy natural light and open spaces.

Preston Studio Apartment with Furniture

Private Apartments

Raised garden bed

Enclosed Garden

Memory Care Kitchen

Dedicated Spaces

“From the minute I walked into Barclay Friends, I knew it was the one. Growing up, my mom loved flowers and gardening and really has a green thumb and my dad was always around agriculture, so they are able to look out their windows and see trees and flowers and connect with their surroundings.”

Monica C.
Daughter of two Barclay Friends Residents

Creating a Sense of Home

Barclay Friend’s memory care neighborhood is named Bartram Way, after 18th-century Quaker botanist John Bartram.

Bartram Way is unique in having a full-time staff horticultural therapist who works with residents in the Horticulture Program. Through this program, residents have many opportunities to garden, arrange flowers or simply enjoy the natural world both indoors and outside in Bartram’s enclosed garden and covered patio.

Cheryl Bjornson

Cultivating Music and Art

Music and the arts provide many benefits for older adults, including reminiscence of happy life events, positive changes in mood, improved sense of purpose, reduced anxiety, stress and physical pain, connection with others and increased enjoyment of life.

Lead by staff, residents can participate in the music program, popular music singalongs, classical music concerts and opportunities to move or dance to live performances.

music and memory

A Mindful Approach to Memory Care

Mindfulness is a unique aspect of Bartram Way. Being mindful has been shown to help those suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia to manage stress and loss and find greater satisfaction in life.

Techniques like structured silence and guided meditation are taught to staff and to interested family members to help them appreciate each moment with their loved one.

Senior man in lotus pose sitting on green grass in a park. Concept of calm and meditation.

Hear from a Family Member

“For the first time, in a very long time, I feel like I can be my mother’s daughter instead of a crisis manager.”

Is Memory Care Right For Your Loved One?

Residents are assessed using a comprehensive tool used to determine the best level of support for each person, and if it’s ever needed Barclay Friends’ continuum of care will ensure a smooth transition to one of Barclay Friends’ three highly regarded skilled nursing care neighborhoods

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